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Hartak Workshop Festival - Hartak Experience Sharing Festival in Armenia

Hartak Experience Sharing Festival in Armenia

Are you interested in gaining new skills? Do you want to find new friends and connections among talented and enthusiastic people? Do you like both food and sports? Do you want to have a memorable summer? Still don’t know where to find the combination of all of these? Then, let me introduce you to “Hartak” – an experience sharing festival in Armenia full of creativity, inspiration and enthusiasm.

Hartak experience sharing festival in Yerevan Armenia

Creative writing workshop / Photo: Courtesy of Hartak Festival

"Hartak” is a successful annual festival which implements the concept of a free exchange of knowledge and skills through master classes, workshops, discussions and events, focus on diverse areas ranging from art to technology, from sport to food.

Hartak experience sharing festival in Yerevan Armenia

Vegetarian cuisine by Arthur Sakhkalyan / Photo: Courtesy of Hartak Festival

The first “Hartak” festival took place in Yerevan in 2015, and it amazed not only the residents of Yerevan, but also all Armenian and foreign participants. The festival’s concept of experience sharing through workshops and fun activities attracted visitors with its originality and first-time appearance. The second festival that was organized in 2016, raised current ecological issues and managed to highlight the importance of safe environment through special workshops like “Toprak petq chi”.

Hartak experience sharing festival in Yerevan Armenia

Toprak Petq Chi eco workshop / Photo: Courtesy of Hartak Festival

Unlike previous years, in 2017, the “Hartak” experience sharing festival will be held in the second largest city of Armenia - Gyumri. The city has a rich and beautiful history of art and culture. Scheduled for June 10-11, this year’s “Hartak” will be devoted to the technologies, art, urban landscape and architecture.

“Hartak” Experience Sharing Festival 2017 is an incredible opportunity to meet and communicate with fascinating and prominent people from different parts of the world. This year, the festival presents a series of master classes on such topics as technology, DIY (do it yourself), healthy lifestyle, arts and crafts, as well as special classes and discussions about architecture.

Hartak experience sharing festival in Yerevan Armenia

Armenian applied arts: carpet weaving workshop / Photo: Courtesy of Hartak Festival

Among the speakers of the “Hartak 2017” are the American actor Aram Atamyan, the painter Karen Barseghyan from Gyumri, the Honorary Consul of Italy Antonio Montalto, the British filmmaker and traveller Tom Allen, the athletes of Gyumri, including Olympic medalists Nazik Avdalyan, Italian documentarist Francesco Conte, Austrian environmentalist and nutrition specialist Christoff Shwarz and many more.

Hartak experience sharing festival in Yerevan Armenia

Photography workshop by Joseph Habibi / Photo: Courtesy of Hartak Festival

Apart from the workshops mentioned above, various unique events will be organized during the festival, including young artists’ art exhibition in Berlin Art Hotel, networking to activate the community of the exchange of experience in Gyumri, city tours, and others.

So don’t miss this opportunity to explore the cultural capital of Armenia, as well as participate in interesting workshops (many of which are free of charge, actually), make new friends and gain new skills. You can follow the “Hartak” experience sharing festival’s Facebook page and website to learn more.