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Hartak Workshop Festival - The Ripple Effect: From Idea to Legacy

The Ripple Effect: From Idea to Legacy

River Fest Armenia is an annual overnight Woodstock-esque charity event which brings musicians together for a community cause. Its mission is to create a positive change, by giving back to the community and inspiring future generations of Armenians, using arts, music, and common cultural interests.

During this workshop, the participants will learn where the idea of River Fest Armenia come from, why it is so important and what challenges the organizers faced during its organization. They will learn more about River Fest Armenia from behind the scenes, from inception to organization and to the creation of a legacy.

Angela Hassassian

Angela Hassassian is a co-Founder of River Fest Armenia, simply put she is a communicator. She studied Political Science and International Relations for 6 years, and after receiving her MA degree from the American University of Armenia, decided to take on a life where she'd wear many hats. Teacher, researcher, PR specialist, event planner, copywriter, translator and amateur photographer, no matter what course her life took, all roads led to social causes. Having repatriated to Armenia from the United States 13 years ago, she always tries to incorporate community development in everything she does.